E V E N I N G   M E N U


DINNER (all the week's dinners and saturday lunch and dinner)

Main Course Only : 20€ Starter – Main or Main – Dessert : 28€

Starter – Main Course - Dessert : 33€




Grilled octopus, raw and cooked vegetables, puff pastry with black olives and arugula gel.

Crab ravioli with coriander, seared langoustines and shellfish bisque.

Foie gras flavored with Espelette pepper, fig chutney.


Main courses...


Poached cod in court bouillon, artichoke purée, seasonal mini vegetables, fried vegetable

tops and dill sauce.

Mallard duck in two cookings, celery puree, roasted vegetables and full-bodied juice with


Braised veal chuck, mashed yellow carrots, chanterelles, roasted parsnips and salsify,

braising juice.




Dulcey chocolate cream, black pepper sponge cake, candied tomatoes with basil and

tomato and basil ice cream.

Large almond macaroon, citrus curd, raspberry coulis with Timut and pink grapefruit


Crunchy meringue, Bourbon vanilla whipped cream and "prodigious" olive oil.

Cheese platter from the "Crèmerie des Carmélites" and condiments.

And of course always available, our just cooked with hot chocolate and its salted butter

caramel heart.


*This menu is an exemple. We will try and keep up-dated; however, we do work with

fresh products and sometimes we need to adjust... Thank you for your