E V E N I N G   M E N U


DINNER (all the week's dinners and saturday lunch and dinner)

Main Course Only : 20€ Starter – Main or Main – Dessert : 28€

Starter – Main Course - Dessert : 33€



Scallop Carpaccio, julienne of mango / soy / coriander and peanuts, coral broth with red
curry and lemon verbena, lace tile.
Poached egg, mushroom consomme, mushroom and crispy bacon.
Foie gras with port, grape and anise compote.

Main courses...

Pollack, mashed topinambour, clams and herbaceous shellfish reduction.
Confit lamb shoulder, turmeric viennoise, mashed potatoes and carrots glazed with saffron,
semolina with lemon, lemon & timut seasoning.
Wild boar filet, roasted parsnips with hazelnut butter, turnip and glazed onions, parsnip &
hazelnut puree, parsnip chips.

Crunchy chocolate dome, yuzu cream, mandarin insert poached in combawa, mandarin coulis,
crispy tile.
Financial pistachio, passion fruit cream, candied pineapple chips with thyme and ice cream.
Poached pear with vanilla, chestnut / pear tartare, chestnut cream pie, pear chips, pear sorbet.
And of course, our Chocolat fondant with a melting heart of salted caramel

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*This menu is an exemple. We will try and keep up-dated, however we do work with
fresh products and sometimes we need to adjust... Thank you for your understanding.